Pre-conference Workshops

All pre-conference workshops will be held Wednesday, July 19 and are optional, add-on activities. To register for a pre-conference workshop, add during the registration process or contact


Full Day Workshop

Make Those Models Move! Rigging and Animation Techniques in Cinema 4D

Wednesday, July 19 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: $380 Member, $430 Nonmember

CE Eligible: 8.0 Art

In this full day workshop, we will be covering a variety of rigging and animation techniques for common biomedical animation scenarios. We will go over the basics of Cinema 4D’s toolset, such as deformers, MoGraph, CMotion, and animation workflows. These tools and processes will be utilized to tackle the animation topics you know and love such as cell and molecular biology, human anatomy and more. There will also be demonstrations on how to solve common problems that can arise while working in Cinema 4D, as well as other tips and tricks for organization and efficiency.

Our method: the instructors believe there is no single right or wrong way to approach animation. The workshop will be presented in an open dialogue format so that you can practice our techniques as demonstrated while discussing ways to adapt them into your own workflow. Bring an open mind and a positive attitude. All are welcome to take part, but some knowledge of basic 3D principles is highly recommended.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize the power of the range mapper node inside of EXpresso to manipulate 3D models and drive animations
  • Determine proper hierarchy for setting up a rig.
  • Explain the difference between inverse and forward kinematics

Keywords: animation; rigging; biomedical

About the Presenters

Jack Nelson graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Medical Illustration. He currently works at St. George’s University as a faculty member and medical illustrator in the Center for BioMedical Visualization in Grenada, where he primarily creates animations and illustrations to serve the School of Medicine. When he is not experimenting with 3D, he enjoys exploring the island of Grenada and observing the plants and wildlife.

Adam Zunder is a graduate of the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communication (MScBMC) program at the University of Toronto. He currently works at MadMicrobe Studios as a medical animator and motion designer. His goal as an effective scientific visualizer is to bring the beauty of the natural world to light in ways that are captivating, informative and scientifically accurate. By bridging the gap between art and science, his job is to distill complex scientific ideas into accessible visual stories.


Half Day Workshop

Review of Cadaveric Anatomy of the Anterior Upper Limb and Heart

*Hybrid Workshop
Wednesday, July 19 | 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $280 Member, $335 Nonmember

CE Eligible: 4.0 Biomed

Mayo Clinic meets Las Vegas! This first of its kind workshop at the AMI will bring the anatomy lab directly to you. Have you been wanting to brush up on the complex anatomical relationships of the upper limb? Delve into the beauty of the human heart? This unique workshop, led by Dr. Nirusha Lachman (Chair of the Department of Clinical Anatomy at Mayo Clinic) has been designed to bring workshop attendees directly into the clinical anatomy lab at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Campus using experiential learning tools to visualize high-yield anatomy. Through a high-definition live transmission and utilizing donor specimens, Dr. Lachman and her team will provide expert instruction and guide attendees through deconstructing anatomical boundaries and discuss structure relationships in-depth within the landscape of the anterior upper limb including the axilla and brachial plexus, hand, and the heart. While instruction is being given, attendees will be able to view a digital model of the specimens (obtained via photogrammetry) on their personal devices, allowing for a highly interactive experience. There will also be a moderated Q&A session facilitated onsite by David Nahabedian for both the upper limb and heart sections.

The session will include a pre-test and post-test designed to evaluate participants’ confidence in navigating anatomy of the targeted areas.

Participants should bring:

  • A device such as a laptop or tablet for viewing the digital models (phones will work too, but the larger the screen, the better!)
  • Optional: sketching supplies

Learning Objectives for Upper Limb Session of Workshop:

  • To identify boundaries of the posterior triangle of the neck and understand how its contents relate to each other.
  • Delineating the boundaries of the axilla and studying the relationship between the neurovascular structures within it.
  • Review the arrangement of flexor muscles and fascial extensions within the arm and forearm and observe how the neurovascular structures relate within this landscape.
  • Review detailed structural components of the carpal tunnel and related traversing structures.

Learning Objectives for Heart Session of Workshop:

  • To understand the anatomical orientation of the heart and associated structures
  • Appreciate the extent of the epicardial surface of the heart and its architecture.
  • To study the internal architecture of the heart chambers

Keywords: anatomy; lab; anterior upper limb, heart

About the Presenters

*Virtual Instructor*

Nirusha Lachman, PhD is Full Professor of Anatomy, Full Professor of Medical Education and Chair of the Department of Clinical Anatomy with Joint Appointment in the Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery at Mayo Clinic. Her primary focus lies in integrating clinical anatomy into everyday practice in research, education and clinical practice. She is one of few clinical anatomists in the world who works collaboratively on a daily basis with clinicians in a practice-based setting. In her 29-year career as a clinical anatomist, Dr. Lachman has contributed >123 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, 20 book chapters and numerous abstract publications, and national and international presentations. Dr. Lachman’s main educational focus is on creating authentic curricula for practice-based anatomy through hands on fresh tissue dissection and delivering anatomical content in the digital space. In addition to her numerous accolades, Dr Lachman is the recipient of the Mayo Clinic Distinguished Educator Award (2021), Legacy Level Member of the Mayo Clinic Academy for Teaching Excellence, Outstanding Physician Scientist Award from Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Mohs Surgery.


*Onsite Moderator*

David Nahabedian is a Board-Certified Medical Illustrator with over 5 years of professional medical and biomedical visualization experience. David earned a BFA in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia, and then his MS from Augusta University. He specializes in 2D and 3D visualization using a number of techniques including DICOM, digital sculpting, 3D scanning, and 3D printing. He currently is a faculty member at St. George’s University in the Department of Anatomical Sciences where he is a medical illustrator, engages in dissection and teaches anatomy in the wet lab to medical and pre-medical students.

Half Day Workshop

Life Drawing Vegas-Style!

Wednesday, July 19 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $199 Member, $240 Nonmember

CE Eligible: 3.0 Art

When was the last time you had a chance to practice your observational drawing skills? So
much tech all the time, it’s easy to forget our roots. Join your hosts, Maya Shoemaker and
Wes Price, two recovering perfectionists who will present a life drawing session like no
other in the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Bring your expertise and your creativity as
well as an open mind, this workshop is destined to be unforgettable. Shake the lingering
dust out of the ol’ eye-hand coordination with your friends and colleagues in a relaxed and
fun atmosphere. This will be a break from the ordinary that you don’t want to miss! (BYOB:
Some supplies will be provided, however, Bring Your Own Basics such as pen, pencils, and
paper. Electrified materials such as iPads, tablets and VR headsets are also welcome.)

Meet Your Models, Molly Boom Boom and Elyse Elaine

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, the participant will:

  • Have created a series of gesture, short, and long-pose drawings
  • Show progressive improvement in the rendering of the human form
  • Experiment with a variety of art materials and supplies provided by the hosts

Keywords: art; drawing; human form

About the Presenters

Wes Price is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator with 25 years professional experience in
science visualization. He experiments with digital sculpting, 3D scanning/printing and
Extended Reality. He co-developed the Center for BioMedical Visualization at St. George’s
University School of Medicine, in Grenada; a faculty collective which pioneers medical
illustration for education and research in the Caribbean region and beyond. Recently Wes
returned to the United States to become Senior Director of Biomedical and Scientific
Visualization at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He now influences the future of
medical education as a vital member of this world-renowned institution.

Maya Shoemaker is a CMI who owns and runs a small studio, Shoemaker Medical. Here,
she provides 3D work for med device manufacturers and biotech and pharmaceutical
startups. She knew she loved both art and science from an early age. After an
undergraduate program in fine art printmaking, she took a detour to open an art supply
store, and then enrolled in the Biomedical Communications program at UT Southwestern in
Dallas, TX.
Maya loves painting, collage, and being loose with art materials. She feels lucky to have
amazing clients who are great to work with, and enjoys the interesting technical projects she
gets. At the same time, she is entering an exploration stage where creativity and enjoyment
must be prioritized once again. Maya also likes yoga, being with her family, the outdoors,
and delicious food.