Vesalius Trust Student Showcase

Friday, July 21 | 3:15 – 4:45 pm

Montelago I

Invited Vesalius Trust student participants share their thesis projects and portfolios with the AMI community.

  • Lauren Muskara: Breast Prostheses as an Alternative Gender-Affirming Healthcare Service to Augmentation Surgery: A Visual Needs Assessment Survey
  • Sofia Garcia Martinez: A Bilingual Approach to Patient Education for Bilinguals with Aphasia
  • Courtney Brendal: MRI Artifact Detection: Schematic Design in Perceptual Training for Radiological Board Exam Preparation
  • Danielle George: Dog and Cat Spays: An Illustrated Guide for Veterinary Students
  • Tal Bavli: Increasing Patient Compliance With Post-op Instructions Through Patient Education Intervention For Patients With Retinal Detachment
  • Katherine Leising: Carbon Nanotubes: A Step Forward for Accessible Cancer Therapy
  • Jessica Feng: Institute of Medical Science Clinical Skills Virtual Reality Initiative
  • Caeley Blechschmid: Integrin-Based Cell Adhesions and Modes of Cell Migration Interactive Learning Module
  • Delilah Przbyla: Development and Refinement of a Basic Psychological Needs-Supportive Interactive Tool for Low-Outreach Demographics for Breast Cancer
  • Viola Yu: fourlo
  • Amy Zhu: IUI & U: An introduction to your treatment at Mount Sinai Fertility
  • Sidney Sieh-Takata: The Fabric of the Human Body: Fiber Art and Anatomy Education
  • Amy Jiao: An on symbiotic nitrogen fixation in leguminous crops interactive experience for young museum audiences
  • Peter Naktin: Targeted Preoperative Education Materials for Colorectal Surgery Patients
  • Megan Reeves: Exosomes: Lessons Learned for Therapy, Diagnosis, and Pathogenesis
  • Emily Simpson: Designing a print-on-demand simulated abscess task trainer: reducing costs while improving access with 3D printing
  • Drishya Unnithan: Interactive model for understanding self-organization of cells in an embryo
  • Linda Ding: NavEDI: Navigating EDI in the Psychiatric ER Through a Narrative Video Game
  • Laurel Moore: Personal Portfolio
  • Stephen Nachtsheim: Microbes in Mining
  • Anais Lupu: Exploring the Application of Procedural Content Generation in Biomolecular Visualization