2023 Sponsorship Opportunities


The AMI Sponsorship Program offers corporate advertising and promotional opportunities that are responsive to the diverse needs and marketing strategies of corporations today. When you partner with the AMI, you are connecting with over 800 visual communication leaders, consultants, and buyers in the medical, science, and health care industries.

Sponsorship at the AMI 2023 Annual Meeting provides a great opportunity to increase your corporate and product visibility.

To become a sponsor, view the 2023 Sponsorship Prospectus and reach out to AMI to secure your spot.

Contact Jennifer Duckworth, Executive Director, jduckworth@amrms.com with questions or interest.

AMI Proudly Thanks our 2023 Sponsors

Visionary Sponsors:

Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, is internationally recognized as a leader in neurological research and patient care. We treat patients with a wide range of neurological conditions, including brain and spinal tumors, cerebrovascular conditions, and neuromuscular disorders. Barrow clinicians and researchers are devoted to providing excellent patient care and finding better ways to treat neurological disorders.


Maxon is the developer of award-winning software products Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant, ZBrush, and Forger.

Premier Sponsors:

AXS Studio

We’ve been making our clients’ science and technology easy to understand and impossible to ignore since 2004. We’re designers, animators, illustrators, and developers with dual passions for science and storytelling. We were the kids who drew pictures in science class and dreamed of making movies and video games. Now we’re living the dream: creating cutting-edge medical animation, apps, and interactive experiences that help our clients advance life science and healthcare.

The Friedman Brain Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine

The Friedman Brain Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine is an interdisciplinary clinical and research hub that is defining the mechanisms behind brain and nervous system disorders and translating those findings into preventative or restorative interventions. The Institute represents a large, multidisciplinary effort involving numerous basic science and clinical departments across Mount Sinai’s campuses. We focus on genetic, epigenetic, biochemical, cellular, synaptic, circuit, and behavioral dimensions of nervous system functioning under normal and pathological conditions. By taking advantage of the growing body of knowledge about brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system disorders, we are poised to drive revolutionary advances in patient care by developing more effective diagnostic tests, treatments, and preventative measures.

Medical Illustration & Animation

Since 1984, countless artists have launched and nurtured their careers with the help of the Medical Illustration Sourcebook. Today we offer an updated Medical Illustration & Animation Marketing Program that reflects broader capabilities and continues to meet the evolving needs of this highly specialized industry. The program revolves around an ongoing cycle of online + print + social media promotion that puts you in front of a qualified audience of science and healthcare art buyers.

Red Nucleus

We’re transforming medical communications with Medical Affairs and Commercial teams by integrating deep therapeutic knowledge with cutting-edge technology. From strategic planing to the successful execution of meaningful digital experiences, we bring your science to life. For over two decades, we’ve pioneered the integration of technology and visualization into medical communications, garnering over 500 global industry awards and counting. We’ve achieved this through our cultural commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Vessel Studios

Vessel is a creatively-driven medical animation company. We are an integrated collective of artists, medical experts, programmers and animators who see science as art and narrative.


Artery Studios

Artery Studios is a recognized medical illustration and animation studio specializing in visual solutions for personal injury litigation and medical device marketing. Breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable messages, Artery’s team of professionally-trained medical illustrators crafts every project with a focus on accuracy, clarity, and beauty. Headquartered in Toronto, the studio is Canada’s largest demonstrative evidence provider and has helped legal clients win cases and achieve larger settlements for over 2,000 files. For almost 25 years, Artery Studios has been at the forefront of medical visualization, providing unique solutions that elucidate trauma medicine and advances in healthcare.

Microverse Studios

Microverse Studios is a full-service scientific and medical animation studio. Our 3D medical animation services include every aspect of animation production from research and scriptwriting to sound design and final delivery. Our clients come to us with an idea, and we turn it into a deployment-ready video.

Vesalius Trust

A non-profit public foundation. Established under the direction of the Board of Governors of the AMI in 1988, the Trust develops and supports education and research programs in the field of health science communications. The Vesalius Trust also provides student scholarships, educational grant funding, support for the AMI’s annual meeting, and support to the AMI Archives.