3D Animation Teams and Technology

Saturday, July 22 | 11:00 – 11:30 am

As the medical animation field has grown, it may be possible that production practices are not scaling as well as team sizes are increasing in size. Methods that worked well for individuals or small teams may not be optimal as projects grow in complexity or as 3D asset libraries grow over time. How might a group prevent repeating time-consuming tasks and break down the natural overhead that builds up over time? This talk will address how other industries have tackled these challenges and how the medical animation field seems to differ, leading to some potentially feeling stressed by technology changes or even overworked.An effective 3D pipeline can connect software and information together with team members resulting in better communication and efficiency. By utilizing technology and expertise, 3D production challenges can be streamlined and accelerated with computers with automation tools that can be designed around your needs. Standards and consistency can be enforced across a group, fewer mistakes will be made, and production time can be shortened. More time can be spent on the medical and art aspects of production, which I think is what most in the field would prefer in the long run. This talk will cover exactly what the solution is for people who feel the struggle in keeping up with the quickly ever-evolving 3D graphics field. Are you concerned about AI potentially encroaching on jobs or work? Learn how your group can apply a force-multiplier for your entire 3D team and stay one step ahead of AI.

Learning Objectives: Through attending this presentation, attendees will learn what repetitive challenges a 3D production team faces; learn broadly how tasks can be automated for a group; become aware of what tasks are possible to streamline or seamlessly integrate; understand how technology is evaluated with automation in mind

Keywords: Automation, Technology, Technical Director, TD, Efficiency, Speed, Streamline, Pipeline, Procedures, Tools, Modern Production

About the Presenter
Michael Hickman is a Senior Technical 3D Artist at Barrow Neurological Institute with over 24 years of animation and industry experience. His primary roles include technical direction for his team especially regarding 3D graphics, automation, and IT topics. He creates animation production tools, researches and implements new workflows, and provides technical support. Previously, he was a medical animator for 20 years where he has produced over 1000 medical animations and 1000 illustrations for neurosurgical journals, books, brochures, multimedia projects, engineering proposals, websites, and educational television shows. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in 2002, specializing in 3D animation and graphics.