Quality vs Quantity: Delivering Your Best Work in a High-Volume Environment

Friday, July 20 | 10:30 – 11:00am

The talk will cover three main points: style, keywords and organization, and image libraries. The focus of the talk will be to provide an understanding of how to use these elements effectively in order to save time and maintain a style when tasked with a lot of requests and fast turnarounds. The first point, style, will cover the use of iconography when some requests can be simplified to save time for pieces that need more in-depth illustrations, as well as creating an internal style guide with a unified color pallet to create consistent illustrations. The second point, keywords and organization, will discuss the benefits of using keywords on exported illustrations and folder structure to find artwork more efficiently and ensure that files won’t get lost over time. Finally, the third point, image libraries, will cover the use of digital asset management tools to better enhance the searchability of your artwork to make personal or team-based image libraries. Overall, the talk will provide practical tips and strategies to identify where to simplify, and improve searchability and organization to save time for creating quality artwork, all while maintaining fast turnarounds.

Learning Objectives: After participating in this session, attendees should be able to: Recognize where they can simplify and use iconography effectively to save time while maintaining a consistent style with their more in-depth illustrations. Identify at least three benefits of using keywords and metadata on files, such as improved searchability. Implement three essential strategies for organizing digital illustrations. Including folder structures, keywords, and thumbnails to prevent files from getting lost over time. Analyze the pros and cons of various digital asset management tools to create personal or team-based image libraries.

Keywords: Corporate illustration, File management, Iconography, Icons, Image libraries, Keywords, Metadata, Organization, Organizational strategies, PowerPoint, Team-based libraries, Time savers, Tips

About the Presenter
Katie Allen has been working at Medscape Education, a sister company to WebMD, since 2018. She currently is the lead for the medical illustration team, which provides illustrations and digital assets for their online CME accredited programs and conferences. She graduated from RIT in 2017 with a BFA in Medical Illustration and currently resides in Jersey City, New Jersey.