2:45 – 3:45 pm

Session 27: Business (Presentation 1)

Cultural Diversity in the Global Understanding of Copyright

How do people around the world understand the issues of intellectual property and copyright infringement? As the world becomes smaller and our client base becomes more global, it is important to understand not just the laws, but how local businesses and individuals around the world perceive these laws. Are they implemented and enforced? What are the social constructs that affect compliance? And what is a medical illustrator who hopes to create work for a global audience supposed to do to minimize infringement? Finally, how does the fear of copyright infringement impact the availability of inclusive, high quality health education materials in global communities that often have the greatest need? Join us for a unique and candid panel presentation with medical illustrators who have extensive experience working with global clients.

Session Takeaways:

  1. To help members grasp the diverse levels of understanding businesses and individuals around the world have with regard to copyright infringement and the protection of intellectual property.
  2. To outline for members some of the social constructs that affect such diverse understanding of copyright laws.
  3. To offer strategies for members who wish to expand to global markets in ways that limit their exposure to infringement.
  4. To inspire members to broaden their client base globally in order to increase access to high quality, inclusive health education materials in areas that often have the greatest need.
Peg Gerrity

Peg Gerrity

Co-owner Chicago Medical Graphics

BVIS graduate and Certified Medical Illustrator Peg Gerrity has headed her own studio for over 30 years, specializing in human fetal development illustration and the creation of women’s health educational materials. An extensive traveler, Peg spent 12 years living in Singapore and has worked for clients worldwide. She is currently co-owner of Chicago Medical Graphics along with Melanie Connolly, who happens to be the mother of two of the sweetest grandchildren on the planet.

Marcelo Oliver

Marcelo Oliver

President & Owner, Body Scientific International, LLC

Marcelo Oliver is owner and president of Body Scientific International. He graduated from from University of Michigan in 1992. Over the past nearly 30 years he illustrated, art directed and help design many medical education visuals used to educate patients, students and medical professionals. Body Scientific is published in over 100 textbooks and is an international company doing business in Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe. Marcelo serves on the Association of Medical Illustrators Board of Governors as Treasurer and is also part of the Advisory Committee for University of Illinois at Chicago’s Master of Science in Biomedical visualization.

Nancy Ji

Nancy Ji

Regional Director BioHues Digital

Nancy Ji is the Co-Founder and Regional Director of BioHues Digital. After graduating from the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto, she worked at Scientific Animations as a creative project manager for several years. In 2020, Nancy formed BioHues Digital with her Chinese business partner and maintains a hybrid model of online and offline offices. Nancy wants to advance health equity through accessible medical visuals.