2:45 – 3:45 pm

Category: Business

Empowering the Next Generation of Science Communicators: Promoting Diversity and Setting your Internship up for Success

In 2020, Chinami Michaels and her coworkers set up an initiative at work to act on the lack of diversity in science communication. They worked with an existing internship program at our institution and a local non-profit to successfully host two college and one high school student interns from underrepresented backgrounds. This presentation will focus on how we were able to offer three paid summer internships, covering 1) how we obtained management’s approval and support; 2) how we recruited talented applicants from local underrepresented backgrounds; 3) how we structured the internship to incorporate professional development and be mutually beneficial; 4) and what led to the internship’s success. Participants will gain actionable steps they can take to empower and support the next generation of diverse science communicators.

Session Takeaways:

  1. How to identify and connect with other people supporting research opportunities for students, to access funding to enable paid internships, and to work with local non-profits.
  2. How to persuade management to have confidence in your initiative and obtain their approval.
  3. How to develop and use a template framework for organizing and structuring your internship to be mutually beneficial.
  4. How to work within the department to set up shadowing sessions with specialized professionals to give students a sense of how the entire department is run and what their role will be.

Learn unique professional development learning points necessary for Gen Z, digital natives who have had their schooling interrupted by the pandemic

Chinami Michaels

Medical Video Editor and Multimedia Specialist, Barrow Neurological Institute

Chinami Michaels is a medical illustrator, 3D animator, and public speaker. She works as a neurosurgical video editor in the department of Neuroscience Publications at Barrow Neurological Institute. In 2020 she initiated a Diversity Outreach initiative in her department and continues to lead it. She received her MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017.