2022 AMI Online Salon

The Science of Community

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  Kevin Millar
  • Client: INVIVO – A Red Nucleus Company
  • Copyright: INVIVO – A Red Nucleus Company, 2021
  • Medium/software used: Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final presentation format: High-definition animation video
  • Primary Audience: Clients and the general public

Project Description

As part of our annual “Science of” series, our goal was to share scientific insights into common experiences. With the pandemic continuing to impact our lives, conditions of isolation persisted in many places around the world. We sought to remind people of the benefits of community on their mental and physical well-being.The animation debuted during the winter holiday season reflected by its colors and elements. To effectively communicate the science to a broad audience, we used whimsical, stylized 3D characters and environmental designs that carry through when talking about the effects of community symbolically in the brain. Fluid transitions and sound design enhance the compassionate tone of the animation, beginning with a subdued palette and music when describing feelings of isolation, and transitioning to a hopeful rhythm and brighter palette when the benefits of community are discussed. The animation was sent out over social media and an e-card campaign to clients, friends and family before the holidays and has since been used in some classrooms.