2022 AMI Online Salon

The Role of Philosophy in Bioethics Today

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Sydney Sieh-Takata
  • Client: The American Journal of Bioethics
  • Copyright: Sydney Sieh-Takata, 2022
  • Medium/software used: Adobe Illustrator
  • Final presentation format: Print Journal Cover
  • Primary Audience: Graduate and Professional Students, Professors, Judges, Elected officials, and Health Journalists

Project Description

The purpose of this editorial illustration is to serve as the cover for The American Journal of Bioethics. It is intended to draw attention to the article “The Place of Philosophy in Bieothics Today” by J.S. Blumenthal-Barby et al. The article argues that there is a need for more theoretical philosophical work in bioethics, as opposed to simply applying preexisting principles. The illustration responds to the article’s stance through the visual metaphor of a researcher in a white lab coat climbing a ladder in an old, neglected library.  Objects from cabinets of curiosity appear on the bookshelves and harken back to the Age of Discovery when there was less separation between philosophy, medicine, and science. Meanwhile, the analogous color palette and modern vector rendering style highlight the contemporary relevance of the subject matter.