2022 AMI Online Salon

The Pelvic Examination

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  Paul Kelly
  • Client: Dr.s Mary Coll-Black, Sebastian Hobson, Dini Hui, Eliane Shore, Mara Sobel, Xin Xu, and Andrew Zakhari
  • Copyright: The Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery, 2022
  • Medium/software used: Maxon Cinema4D, DAZ3D, Adobe After Effects
  • Final presentation format: H.264 encoded movie available through online website
  • Primary Audience: Medical students

Project Description

The pelvic exam is a clinical examination that is crucial for assessing women’s health. It is important in a medical school curriculum for students to perform the exam in a competent manner, but also to be sensitive to the patient’s needs and effectively communicate the process.This fully animated video showcases the typical pelvic exam in a step-by-step fashion, paying particular attention to the anatomy, and the technical details of performing the exam. Sagittal cross-sections and layered transparencies are utilized to communicate the interactions between the clinician’s fingers and the internal anatomy. As well, scenes that describe important bedside manners, including patient positioning and ongoing consent, are included to ensure a well-rounded educational resource.As an ongoing initiative within our video atlas project, people of different skin color, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs are intentionally depicted in this animation, to continue promoting diverse representation in educational resources. We have also intentionally depicted a physician character with vitiligo, a genetic condition that is often unjustly stigmatized. The complete video is fully narrated, accompanied by subtitles. The video, along with our complete video atlas library, is free to access worldwide.