2022 AMI Online Salon

Surgical simulation model for teaching Mohs reconstruction

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Julia Lerner
  • Client: Brown University Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Copyright: Julia Lerner, 2022
  • Medium/software used: Blender, silicone, 3D printed PETG
  • Final presentation format: 3D model
  • Primary Audience: Plastic surgery residents

Project Description

We created a silicone model to simulate reconstruction following Mohs surgery or local excision of skin cancer involving the midface. In such cases, planning appropriate reconstruction is critical to the cosmetic and often functional outcome of surgery. Surgical trainees often struggle to visualize the three-dimensional outcomes of such reconstructions. Current plastic surgeon training and board examination involves planning Mohs reconstruction by drawing the incision on a two dimensional photo.This two-part model was created to mimic the skin and underlying structures relevant to understanding Mohs reconstruction. Using several racially diverse patients’ CT scans for reference, skin, nasal cartilage, and bone were sculpted in Blender. Molds were created in Blender and printed to create an easily reproducible means to cast the component of the model representing skin. Ecoflex 00-30 silicone was selected for skin component, and models were created to represent a variety of skin tones using Silc-Pig pigment. A reusable base incorporating nasal cartilage and bone was printed. This workflow will provide a safe, cost-effective, and still three dimensional means of attaining proficiency in Mohs reconstruction.Plastic and reconstructive surgery residents at Brown University practiced reconstruction on the model and were given an assessment and survey to evaluate teaching efficacy of the simulation tool. Data supported both its efficacy and its usability as a teaching tool.