2022 AMI Online Salon

Neurotransmission (360 Experience)

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:   Ryan Nini
  • Client:  Sam Bond, MS, CMI
  • Copyright:  Ryan Nini, 2022
  • Medium/software used:  Blender (Cycles), Adobe After Effects
  • Final presentation format:  360 Animation for stand-alone/phone VR or 360-able video player
  • Primary Audience:  Lay audience, scientifically curious

Project Description

Neurotransmission is a complex biological complex topic typically taught at university-level courses through a series of still images accompanied by descriptive text. Existing media and references do not cater to lower levels of scientific literacy, presenting a considerable barrier of entry for lay audiences to learn about this fundamental process that plays a role in a number of neuropathologies. Immersive media is poised as a potent education tool to convey complex information in a visually and experientially engaging way, further supported by increasing accessibility of the medium through affordable headsets and utilization in public education spaces. The novelty of the media presents particular visualization challenges compared to traditional media (i.e. planar animations), including motion sickness and losing audience attention to low-priority elements/action. To address issues of motion sickness, the viewer is statically placed in a nerve synapse. Each view presents a particular facet of neurotransmission with guiding text call-outs that are animated to reinforce visual concepts, addressing issues of misdirected attention while giving visual space to simplify complex concepts into discrete representations. While the animation is a brief 30 seconds, the experience is designed to seamlessly loop so that audience members can take as much time to experience and absorb the educational content.