2022 AMI Online Salon

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:   Anna Mai
  • Client:  MalariaVision team
  • Copyright:  Anna Mai, 2022
  • Medium/software used:  Illustrator, After Effects
  • Final presentation format:  Mp4 animation
  • Primary Audience:  Investors with interest in biological technologies

Project Description

The purpose of this animation is to call attention to the current challenges of malaria diagnosis in Uganda and to present a solution from a startup company, MalariaVision. The main goal is to convince the audience that the technology offered by Malaria Vision is necessary, to highlight the specific problems it can solve, and how it can improve the diagnosis process for malaria.The intended audience is investors with an interest in biomedical technologies. The animation style is simple and catchy, akin to many popular explainer videos. The animation is fast paced with many secondary actions for emphasis and to keep viewers engaged. Despite the speed, each action is carefully staged to be easily understandable by viewers. Analogies such as the parasite mugshot to represent the identification process, and symbolisms such as the skull to represent “deadly” are used to convey the main ideas efficiently. The color palette is limited with high contrast, allows for punchy visual as well as accessibility for low vision. Characters are designed based on the Ugandan patient population. The background music is calm and neutral which serves the informative tone in the beginning; when the solution is presented, the music is more upbeat and hopeful. Sound effects are also added for an immersive viewing experience.