2022 AMI Online Salon

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  Levent Efe
  • Other Contributors Mehmet Dal
  • Client: Dr Gerald O’Daniel, Louisville, KY
  • Copyright: Dr Levent Efe, CMI, 2022
  • Medium/software used: A. Photoshop, A After Effects, A Premiere
  • Final presentation format: Animated Graphical Abstract for Social media
  • Primary Audience: Plastic/Aesthetic surgeons

Project Description

The Hyoid sling artwork is submitted to the client as sequential still images, as well as a looping GIF animation. As an add-on to the slide series already prepared, the Animated Graphical Abstract is intended for the author’s and publisher’s social media. Animated GIFs are a relatively new medium highly recommended for all medical illustrators as value adding to their product. They look very attractive in social media, helping authors and journals highlight the most crucial aspects of their argument.  The sling analogy is there to communicate how the hyoid bone is suspended with muscles, and how it changes its location with aging. The growing object within the mouth represents the increasing mass of soft tissue, and the color-coded ropes are the digastric and infrahyoid muscle groups. Soft tissues push the hyoid bone downward and forward, causing an obtuse cervicomental angle. As the location of the hyoid bone is an important parameter in surgical planning, the sling analogy is used to hit home the message about the bone’s gravitation.