2022 AMI Online Salon

Ecological Engineers – Sperm Whales

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Amy Zhu
  • Client: Jodie Jenkinson
  • Copyright:  Amy Zhu, 2022
  • Medium/software used: Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Final presentation format: Poster
  • Primary Audience: General Public

Project Description

Sperm whales, also known as Physeter macrocephalus, are cetaceans, a group of aquatic mammals which include whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The sperm whale is the largest toothed predator in the world and plays a key role in the cycling of nutrients in the oceans via phenomena such as whale pumps and whale fall. Their immense impact on the ocean environment affects hundreds of species throughout the seas, which make their declining numbers a point of concern. This graphic is meant to demonstrate some of the sperm whales’ important ecological roles and inform the public of their importance to general ocean health to hopefully inspire the conversation and protection of this key species.