Over the past 15 years the Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers at Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science have been dedicated to improving clinical learning and patient care by providing its learners deliberate practice, robust performance-based assessment and unique collaborative opportunities to learn in safe and risk-free settings. Today, through a progressive use of advanced technologies (3D Printing and medical animations, plus augmented, mixed, and virtual realities and more) coupled with a new strategic organizational alignment with the specialties of Clinical Anatomy and Biomedical & Scientific Visualization, the Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers are evolving its learning experiences, making them more accurate, realistic, meaningful and stimulating. This presentation will provide unique insights into Mayo Clinic’s transformative experiential learning environment.

Robert Morreale

Robert Morreale is the Division Chair of Experiential Learning and Biomedical & Scientific Visualization / Administrator, Department of Clinical Anatomy / Assistant Professor of Biomedical Communications @ Mayo Clinic