This short talk will be about the business of creating a piece of art for a medical device company, from the point of view of an independent studio. We will explore who the medical illustrator communicates with within the company, and an overview of the process.

Maya Shoemaker

Maya Shoemaker knew she loved both art and science from an early age. In high school, she spent several hours on the diagram for her fetal pic dissection report… and after some helpful comments from teachers and parents, realized she might be interested in medical illustration. She attended The University of Oklahoma to study Fine Art, took a detour to open an art supply store, and then enrolled in the Biomedical Communications program at UTSouthwestern in Dallas, TX. Maya loves painting, drawing, and illustrating. She feels lucky to have amazing clients who are great to work with, and enjoys the interesting projects she gets. Maya also likes yoga, being with her family, the outdoors, and delicious food.