Ruth C. Wakerlin

Lymphatic Anatomy of Breast

This watercolor drawing done in the late ‘70’s shows Ruth’s command of a difficult medium—a testament to her training with Tom Jones at UIC–it is fresh and informative.

Ruth Wakerlin completed her medical illustration studies in 1944 at University of Illinois, and worked with Tom Jones as his right hand for another seven years, having previously earned her B.A. in Chemistry from Wellesley.  Her chemistry background prepared her well for her work with new plastics materials for novel exhibit designs she created for the Museum of Science and Industry.

She expanded her credentials to include studies in education and communication theory at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and then moved to San Francisco to direct the Program in Medical and Biological Illustration at UCSF in 1974.

Ruth served as AMI President 1979 – 80, was Chair of the Board, and was proud of her contributions to the first AMI Constitution in 1945.

With permission of Susan Wakerlin