On February 6, 2021 the Visual Medical Education team at Emory University began preparing their response for COVID-19. The team prepared for the crisis well in advance. They were on the front lines in the hospital as the pandemic first broke out. They expanded the team to meet increased volume and worked with outside organizations to scale. They ultimately developed unique PPE educational materials used at Emory and around the globe to preserve supplies and save lives. They educated patients and providers, supported critical COVID research, and constantly adapted to each new phase of the pandemic. They also made a number of mistakes along the way that are just as instructive as the successes.

Michael Konomos

Michael Konomos is Lead Medical Illustrator at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. He currently serves on the AMI Board of Governors and Diversity Committee. His current work during COVID-19 pandemic involves leading a team in the creation of PPE training materials for frontline providers, education for the public, and supporting Emory’s cutting edge research on the virus.He has extensive experience in patient and medical education. As leader of the Visual Medical Education team, Michael enjoys conducting the orchestra as much as playing any individual instrument. He has a particular passion for using medical illustration as a tool to improve measurable outcomes. Michael completed his BFA in Scientific Illustration at the University of Georgia and MS in Medical Illustration in Augusta, GA.