Biological life tends to represent itself with a flourish. We see it in the plumage that birds use for display, blooming brightly colored flowers, and even the long whipping tails of reptiles. I also see it in the meandering veins, arteries, and organs hidden behind the scenes inside of our bodies. With my artwork I strive to emulate the energy and visceral qualities of our biotic existence. My art is a celebration of the miraculous events that take place within and between our physical and energetic bodies. During this talk I will discuss my journey as an artist. Using slides I will show imagery from contemporary art, Scientific Illustrations, imagery of my own work and other reference material to discuss my artwork and my career.

Bill Dambrova

Bill Dambrova is a native Arizonan and ASU graduate with a BA in Studio Art. His love of art, artifacts and biology lead to a career as an exhibition designer in Phoenix and then in Los Angeles from 2003 to 2013 where he specialized in Natural History Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums. Since moving back to Arizona Bill’s art practice became his priority and he was accepted into the 2013 Arizona Biennial, received the Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum Artist Award, and displayed work in three Arizona art museums. In 2017 he had his first solo exhibition in a museum at The Torrance Art Museum in California. Bill has shown in local as well as national art galleries and museums and has created site specific works at several art environments including Burning Man, East Jesus, and Meow Wolf. Bill is currently in the fabrication phase of a 6000 sqft Terrazzo floor he designed based on his paintings for the Sky Harbor Sky Train Rental Car Return Station scheduled to open in 2021.