Neil O. Hardy

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

With permission of The Brödel Archive, Johns Hopkins University Department of Art as Applied to Medicine

The HIV/AIDS retrovirus was only just starting to be understood by the medical world when Neil illustrated it for the cover of In Oncology.  This seemingly simple image is groundbreaking in raising public awareness of the epidemic, and also created a visual touchstone for scientists of the day to understand the workings of this new retrovirus.

Neil studied at Hopkins under Ranice Crosby, and was a prolific pen and ink master, with a distinctive style that stayed current through his long career. He established the Medical Illustration Department at Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, and also freelanced prolifically doing book illustrations for multiple publishers. Neil served as AMI President in 1982 – 83, and received the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.