Leon Schlossberg, 1912-1999

Mitral Valve Replacement (carbon dust)

A Charter member of the AMI and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient (1990), Leon Schlossberg was a medical illustrator in the US Navy early in his career.  He sat on the Navy’s Prosthetics Appliance Board, a group focused on providing aid to injured WWII soldiers. Following his service, Leon returned to academia at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, where he become an influential educator in the Departments of Surgery and Art As Applied to Medicine. Many prominent surgeons credit Leon with co-discoveries not otherwise possible without his collaborative effort. Additionally, Leon served as both AMI President (1955-56) and Vice President (1953-54).

Leon Schlossberg received the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990. Leon was a charter member of the AMI, having served as the both the president and vice president of the AMI, with service on the board of governors. He was the recipient of the 1986 William P. Didusch Award and the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award in 1988. Leon had a long and distinguished career at Johns Hopkins, training under Max Brödel, and is today considered one the world’s foremost medical illustrators. His artwork displays broad, rich tones, and sensitivity of line.