Laurel V. Schaubert

Bronchial Tree, watercolor

Watercolor was a prime medium for Laurel, who trained with Ralph Sweet at University of California in San Francisco as a private student, graduating in 1955. She worked in the Department of Surgery at UCSF, and was a primary illustrator for Lange’s Diagnosis and Treatment. Laurel was one of the first to develop a successful freelance business in 1969, Biomed Arts.

She was deeply involved in AMI governance and policy-making, served on numerous committees, and as AMI President 1976 – 77. On her watch, she participated in revising the AMI constitution and bylaws, exploring the feasibility of a certification program, expanding student membership, revamping the annual awards system, developing workshops, and implementing a broadened public relations strategy.

Laurel received the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995.

With permission of Wendy Hiller Gee