We are working in the age of digital art, but are you drawing like a digital artist?  Where our workflows were once limited to the sketch, tight sketch, developed art pipeline, we now have a myriad of choices when we approach a project. We draw in photoshop, but why not take advantage of all the tools developed for a photography workflow?  We have 3D capabilities in photoshop and illustrator, why not use them when we can and ditch the perspective grid? Miss the organic feel you got from charcoal in art school?  Get organic feel back into your work with found and created traditional elements, or cheat and fake them with Photoshop. Mix, reuse, collage, warp, smudge, stamp.  Whether you are interested in infusing some new tricks into your professional workflow, or growing and pushing yourself personally as an artist, Mesa will share some tricks she’s found over the years to get you out of your comfort zone and find the place where fortuitous accidents occur. We will focus mainly on workflows in Photoshop and Illustrator, with some discussion of found, scanned, and 3D assets any digital artist can realistically expect to incorporate into their work flow.

Mesa Schumacher

Mesa Schumacher is a science, medical and infographic artist who runs a moveable studio from wherever she’s at – currently operating the only medical art studio on the island of Fiji! With over a decade of experience in science visualization, you can find her work in textbooks and atlases, in museums and zoos, in puzzles boxes, and the pages of National Geographic. Mesa began her career as a self-taught digital and traditional artist and loves to experiment with new media and techniques, and learn by making mistakes.  She earned her masters from Johns Hopkins in 2015.