Charlotte Holt

Charlotte Holt was an AMI Charter member, and a pioneer in 3-dimensional models, particularly in the field of Obstetrics. This plaster model was part of a much larger exhibit, featuring many obstetrical models and drawings, called Visualization of Basic Principles of Human Reproduction that she created with Dr. Frederick Falss for public education. She served as AMI President in 1970 -71 and was on many important committees, receiving the Outstanding Service Award twice. She generously bequeathed a significant part of her estate to the AMI Scholarship Funds. Those Funds became the seed for the Vesalius Trust.

Credit: Schornak photos from AMI Archive at the Dorothy Carpenter Medical Archive at Bowman Gray School of Medicine

Obstetrical Model

Obstetrical Model

Carved Plaster

Model making in 3 dimensions was a great aid to understanding of anatomical forms—the practice hearkens back to the European wax models of the 17th century—but with the new advances in materials technology, the doors opened in mid-century to new ways of visually describing medical topics.