Carol Pienta Larson

Ross Procedure for Repair of Ascending Aorta and Insufficient Aortic Valve

Description: Pen and ink on Denril vellum. The series demonstrates a double surgical procedure. The patient’s own pulmonary trunk and valve is harvested to replace the aneurysmal ascending aorta and insufficient valve. A human donor pulmonary trunk and valve is then used to repair the defect made by the harvest. Created for Dr. E. Stanley Crawford at Baylor College of Medicine for a 1993 article in Current Problems in Surgery.

Carol won numerous awards in the 1990s with great visual storytelling of vascular procedures and a fluid pen and ink style. Denril is a translucent film that allows the artist to ink over the pencil sketch. She used a flexible nib for eye-lashing, a Rapidograph technical pen with French curves for the sutures, and a scalpel to scratch out breaks in the lines. The 1990s were the early days of computer graphics, so she created the needles and heart valves digitally, and printed pages of “rub downs” to add those elements to the illustrations.

With permission from Carol Pienta Larson.