We’ve all got our elevator pitch, to explain to new clients, colleagues, and even family and friends, what exactly it is that we do. Sometimes, they get it. Other times, they don’t. It’s a hurdle we’ve all faced when building new professional networks and engaging communities beyond our immediate peers. The publication team at the Biomedical Communications Alumni Association up in Toronto has been working diligently the last few years on a tool that might help us in this regard. We’ve created an annual publication called the Viewbook – an art portfolio book that showcases the work of graduates from their time at Toronto’s MScBMC program. Our tactic is a simple show-and-tell, but we’re leveraging the Viewbook in many ways: to promote our students and our program, to build better brand recognition for our profession locally and nationally, and to help us better engage new professional connections and opportunities. The Viewbook is more than just an archival and documentation exercise, it’s a celebration of our creativity and intellect, of our students, our program, alumni, and entire professional community.

Geoffrey Cheung

Geoffrey Cheung is a Biomedical Animator and Illustrator with a passion for story-driven visual communication and science education. He is currently an independent contractor specializing in scientific animations, illustrations, and preproduction design. Previously, Geoff has worked as a Medical Illustrator at Queen’s University in Kingston ON, a 2D Scientific Visualizer for the VisualMD in New York NY, and most recently as a production artist for Digizyme Inc in Boston MA for notable projects such as animations for the Boston Museum of Science’s Hall of Human Life, branding design for mMaya, and the digital textbook E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth. Geoff is also the Head Media Editor for the Biomedical Communications Alumni Association’s Viewbook publication.