This presentation details the visualization of single molecule tracking (SMT) data generated through the application of total internal reflection illumination fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM), to track G Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR) membrane proteins across the surfaces of living cells. SMT data is imported into the 3D computer graphics application, Autodesk Maya, using a custom scripted MEL expression. The SMT trajectories then act as motion paths for showing the diffusion of various membrane protein representations.

Joel Hornby

Joel Hornby has over nine years’ experience in pharmaceutical and life sciences communications, principally as a conference producer. He was inspired to become a scientific illustrator and animator after attending EMBL’s VISUALIZING BIOLOGICAL DATA (VIZBI) conference in March 2016. From 2016-2020, he trained with Adobe creative suite and Autodesk Maya alongside a master’s in molecular biology at the University of Potsdam and is now dedicated to creating life sciences visualizations in the form of both 2D and 3D illustrations and animations.