2020 Online Salon

Hydrangeas Over The Dam

  • Artist: Catherine Twomey
  • Medium: Oil


We have had more than 9 inches of rain this year above and beyond the average. The almost daily thunderstorms have poured tremendous volumes of water into our lakes and streams, including this lake below my house. The runoff is so great the typically blue/green water turns all shades of browns, reds, yellows and gold.    Of course, the vegetation is growing feet by the second. It’s white ball hydrangea time of year. The large popcorn-appearing balls are so beautiful and refreshing against the water. That dam in the foreground is almost a hundred years old, and of course with all the rain it’s rather worrisome. So much water running over the side, what kind of pressure is that old concrete under?    I painted this outdoors and reveled in the sounds and sights of the water and flowers. This plein air is oil and painted on archival canvas, 11 X 14″.