Saturday, July 27

Continental Breakfast for all Attendees / Committee Meetings


Session 6: Muriel McLatchie Memorial Lecture

8:00am – 9:00am CEU’s: 0.05 Biomed, 0.05 Art

Modeling and Visualizing the Molecular Cell

Modeling and Visualizing the Molecular Cell

David Goodsell – Experimental information from microscopy, structural biology, and bioinformatics may be combined to create structural models of entire cells with molecular detail. I will describe the tools that we are building to create and visualize these models,...

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Session 7: Copyright

9:00am – 10:00am CEU’s: 0.1 Business

Meet the Speakers & Coffee Break

10:00am – 10:15am

Concurrents 8, 9 and VT Poster Session

10:15am – 11:15am

The Extraordinary Life and Work of Paul Peck

 John Daugherty – Paul Norman Peck, BSc, MA, PhD (1907-1982) was one of the most talented medical illustrators of the 20th Century. As wonderful and as groundbreaking as his work is, amazingly, it’s not well-known in our profession. Names like Max Brödel, Tom Jones...

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From Loner to Owner: Building Your Creative Agency

CEU's: 0.1 Business   Justin Klein – Expanding a self-employed illustration studio into a bona fide creative agency takes courage, skill, a little talent, and luck. This presentation will describe the efforts it takes to establish a creative agency. I'll be...

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Vesalius Trust Poster Session

 The Vesalius Trust, in co-operation with the Association of Medical Illustrators, will hold the Vesalius Trust Poster Symposium during the 2019 AMI Annual Conference. All 2018–2019 applicants to the Vesalius Trust Scholarship Program are invited to present their...

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Alumni Lunch and Dine Arounds

11:15 – 1:15pm

Session 10: Diversity

1:15pm – 2:25pm CEU’s: 0.117 Business


2:25pm – 2:30pm

Concurrents 11 & 12

Assessing the Impact of Biomedical Visualization

CEU's: 0.1 Business  Alison Doubleday – What is it about what you have created that makes it effective? The visualization work you do can have a significant, measurable impact on biomedical sciences education. However, besides translating complex information into...

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Interactive Expo

The AMI is offering demo time for salon entrants who wish to present their interactive product in a special session during the program. You may sign up to be a participant in this session when completing the salon entry process. Entrants who wish to participate in...

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Concurrents 13 & 14

Cross Pollination in Creative Circles

CEU's: 0.1 Art    Russell McLaughlin // Debbie Irwin // James Archer – How do you deliver a well-designed experience for your viewers? It’s not enough to simply pull visuals, voice and music from extraneous sources. Instead, each element that goes into the...

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To the Whiteboard: From the Classroom to YouTube

CEU's: 0.1 Art   Elizabeth Nixon-Shapiro // Pauline Rowsome – Medical lectures and textbooks are often described as “inaccessible” or “hard to read”. In medical education, vast amounts of information need to be taught and learned in limited amounts of time, leaving...

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Concurrents 15 & 16


AMI and Vesalius Trust Mixer and Auction


 Everyone is invited to this fun, creative event highlighted by the “Vesalian Beasts Draw-Off”.  Come watch the teams in the live draw-off as they create an otherworldly storybook saga featuring their team beastly mascot.  Wonderful prizes can be won and desirable items will be up for auction. Don’t miss this great networking event with music, appetizers and laughs with your friends.  Support VT scholarships!