2019 AMI Online Salon

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution: Harvard Medical School, HMX

  • Entrant Name: Joanne Müller, MA, CMI, FAMI

  • Membership Type: Company/Corporation Submission

  • Other Contributors: Dorothy Fatunmbi, MS, Kate McDonnell-Dowling, PhD, Jess Ahearn, Matthew Gelineau, M.Ed, Michael J.Parker, MD             

  • Address: Boston,MA

  • Client: In-House Project: Harvard Medical School, Office of Online Learning, HMX

  • Medium/software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

  • Final presentation format:Video in a course on our online learning platform

  • Primary Audience: Pre-health care and health care individuals learning medical topics online

Project Description

This animation introduces learners to an online Cancer Genomics and Precision Medicine course, part of a series targeted at industry professionals looking to expand their understanding of medical topics to enhance their work. This animation appears at the beginning of the course as a “hook,” presenting a fundamental overview of how cancer develops, how it is treated, and why genetics is relevant in oncology. Animated characters and visual metaphor are employed to frame the scientific content in a more human context. The story has been carefully curated to explain what cancer is and why genetics matters while respecting the level of knowledge of our audience and the ideal length of an educational video for maximum engagement. Careful consideration was given to the principles of multimedia learning and to the use of visuals and sound to direct focus and enhance didactic storytelling.

This entry is a representative 3-minute portion of the 7-minute animation.