2019 AMI Online Salon

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution:

  • Entrant Name: Sam Bond

  • Membership Type: Professional Submission

  • Other Contributors:                    

  • Address: Chicago,IL

  • Client: N/A

  • Medium/software used: Adobe Creative Suite

  • Final presentation format: Printed card game: 108 cards plus instructions

  • Primary Audience: General audiences age 10 and up

Project Description

The anti-vaccination movement is a growing issue, disintegrating the vital principles of herd-immunity and endangering the population – particularly those who are immunocompromised. Vax Bracket is an educational game to combat this movement, created for groups to learn and discuss the foundational scientific principles behind vaccination, disease spread, and herd immunity. With multiple ways to win, each playthrough stays interesting and the mechanics inherently reinforce its primary learning goals; winning requires population-wide vaccination, but once a disease hits your immunocompromised citizen, you’ve lost. As this game is for general audiences, a low cost and portable card game provides maximum accessibility to this important information in a fun, engaging way.