2019 AMI Online Salon

This Is Nuts: Excerpts from a Comic about my Nut Allergy

Project Details

  • Entrant Name: Jennifer Chin
  • Membership Type: Student Submission    
  • Address: Thornhill, Canada
  • Client: Dr. Shelley Wall
  • Medium/software used: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Final presentation format: Comic booklet
  • Primary Audience: Lay audience, patients with food allergies

Project Description

Food allergies are often portrayed as being black and white—either deadly serious or mildly inconvenient. For newly diagnosed patients, and especially the parents of young children with severe food allergies, a lifetime of avoiding certain foods may seem daunting. The goal of this graphic medicine comic is to provide personal insight into living with a severe food allergy, showing that the experience can fall between the two extremes. The comic combines narrative and didactic components to raise awareness of allergies and educate lay audiences about the biology of allergic reactions, using Epipens, and skin prick tests.