2019 AMI Online Salon

The Power of Obedience

Project Details

  • Entrant Name: Carmen Burroughs

  • Membership Type: Student Submission

  • Other Contributors: NitaiSteinberg                       

  • Address: Mississauga,Canada

  • Client: Faculty advisor: Prof Nick Woolridge, Content advisor: Dr. Joe Kim and Dr. Michelle Cadieux

  • Medium/software used: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CC, Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final presentation format: Video on the web

  • Primary Audience: Undergraduate students in an introductory psych course

Project Description

This animation was created to act as a supplementary video for the Obedience section of MacIntroPsych’s PSYCH 1X03: Introduction to Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour course at McMaster University. Obedience is discussed through the process and findings of classic, older studies–such as the Milgram experiment (Milgram, 1963) and the nurse study (Hofling et al., 1966)–that are traditionally presented in plain text, simple diagrams, or long-form documentaries. With this animation, we intended to make the information from these studies more readily accessible by further clarifying the set up, process, and results of these studies and summarize the social psychology concept of obedience using engaging and clear character animation and motion graphics.