2019 AMI Online Salon

The Pediatric Inguinal Canal/Descent of the Testes and Cryptorchidism

Project Details

  • Company/Institution: Augusta University
  • Entrant Name: Zachary Kevorkian
  • Membership Type: Student Submission
  • Other Contributors:
  • Address: Augusta, GA
  • Client: Augusta University Department of Developmental Anatomy
  • Medium/software used: Illustrator
  • Final presentation format: Print (Anatomy Textbook)
  • Primary Audience: Medical Students and Residents

Project Description

The intended purpose of this piece is to explain the anatomy of the pediatric inguinal canal and its associated pathology, cryptorchidism.  After viewing the piece a student or resident should be able to understand how an indirect inguinal hernia is formed.  Descent of the testes is shown to reinforce how these pathologies can arise, these steps are also color coded to reinforce the fate of the abdominal wall.  Using an ‘exploded’ view, the audience is able to further understand the complex layers that make up the inguinal canal.