2019 AMI Online Salon

The Cellular Model of the Coagulation Cascade

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution: Artery Studios, Inc.

  • Entrant Name: StephenMader

  • Membership Type: Company/Corporation Submission

  • Other Contributors: KenVanderStoep,StefanieKuzmiski                     

  • Address: Toronto, Canada

  • Client: Advertising Agency / Pharmaceutical Company

  • Medium/software used: Cinema 4D/Photoshop/After Effects

  • Final presentation format: Animation for display (hi-res) & website (low-res)

  • Primary Audience: Hematologists / other physicians

Project Description

Animation created for a pharmaceutical company for marketing and as an educational display at tradeshows and conferences. The previously-accepted ‘cascade’ model of blood coagulation was deemed inadequate to portray both how hemostasis occurs in vivo and how the company’s hemophilia drug acts. The goal of this animation was to show – in a visually dynamic way – the more recently-developed cell-based coagulation model. Detailed cellular and molecular modeling, dynamic animated motion and subtle visual effects are used to immerse the viewer in a simplified depiction of a complex biochemical process. A muted color palette is incorporated that conforms to branding standards and avoids a ‘textbook-like’ diagrammatic appearance, but still allows viewers to readily distinguish between characters. A collapsing guide along the side provides orientation to appreciate what stage of the process is being depicted.