2019 AMI Online Salon

Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy surgery – John Doe

Project Details

  • Company/Institution: Artery Studios, Inc.
  • Entrant Name: Stephen Mader
  • Membership Type: Company/Corporation Submission
  • Other Contributors: Sherry Lai, Dino Pulerà                     
  • Address: Toronto, Canada
  • Client: Personal Injury Attorney
  • Medium/software used: Graphite/Photoshop/InDesign
  • Final presentation format: jpeg/poster/prints
  • Primary Audience: Attorneys/judge/jurors

Project Description

Series of illustrations created for use in a personal injury (environmental contamination) trial. The litigation was against a large corporation for knowingly exposing people to carcinogens. The plaintiff developed two different types of renal cancer in his right kidney. The attorney needed to communicate at trial the complexity of his client’s associated surgical treatment – to counter the potential juror perception that “robotic-assisted” surgery was a de facto ‘simple’ procedure. As such, the illustration panels were deliberately detailed and visually ‘full’, with numerous steps of the surgery portrayed.