2019 AMI Online Salon

Myovant Sciences Website

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution: Cognition Studio Inc

  • Entrant Name: Inessa Stanishevskaya

  • Membership Type: Company/Corporation Submission

  • Other Contributors: AmandaGrage,JaredTravnicek,NickSnyder,TomCallahan,ReginaMilner,KristineJohnson           

  • Address: Seattle,WA

  • Client: Myovant Sciences Ltd

  • Medium/software used: C4D, Illustrator, After Effects

  • Final presentation format: Website

  • Primary Audience: Investors, Prospective Employees/Partners, HCPs, Patients/Caregivers/Advocacy Groups

Project Description

Myovant was seeking a website to highlight the unmet need in women’s health and prostate cancer, and how their innovative research aims to fill it. Their purpose was to educate audiences on the endocrine system and its associated diseases—from uterine fibroids to prostate cancer. The challenge was not just to explain their mechanisms, but also to change perceptions around disease burdens and show how Myovant’s research aims to lessen them.

Cognition met the challenge by creating a didactic, yet human experience through day-in-the-life photography, statistical overlays, illustrations, and animations. For the latter, care was taken to visualize diseases diagrammatically to present them clearly but sensitively and pair them with 3D assets that provided context and focal points, while merging elements of the Myovant brand.

This resulted in an educational website that is accessible to a variety of audiences and positions Myovant as a dedicated source for education, advocacy, and research.