2019 AMI Online Salon

Lyme Disease: Infection, Immune System Evasion & Progression

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution:

  • Entrant Name: Lydia Gregg

  • Membership Type: Professional Submission

  • Other Contributors:                         

  • Address: Baltimore, MD

  • Client: Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center

  • Medium/software used: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop

  • Final presentation format:Video for presentations and website display

  • Primary Audience: Educated lay audience with introductory biology knowledge

Project Description

This animation is intended to communicate the development and progression of a Lyme disease infection. Three sample scenes from the 8-minute animation are included. Sample (1) depicts transmission of Lyme disease bacteria from the tick to the tick’s feeding cavity and describes the spiral structure of the bacteria. Sample (2) compares successful immune responses to instances of immune system evasion by Lyme disease bacteria. First, the successful formation of complement protein pores during a typical skin wound infection is depicted. This normal process is compared to unsuccessful pore formation in Lyme disease. Second, successful antibody targeting during a typical infection is compared to antibody failure in Lyme disease. Sample (3) depicts the progression of Lyme Disease from the appearance of the rash to migration of the bacteria into capillaries. All aspects of the animation are presented at relative scale and based on measurements and molecular data from the primary literature.