2019 AMI Online Salon

Cochlear duct structures and anatomy of the inner ear

Project Details

  • Company/Institution: Carbon Coded
  • Entrant Name: Geoffrey Cheung
  • Membership Type: Professional Submission
  • Address: Toronto, Canada
  • Client: Akouos, Inc.; Digizyme, Inc.
  • Medium/software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
  • Final presentation format: Web and powerpoint.
  • Primary Audience: Patients, healthcare providers, investors.

Project Description

This illustration was created for Akouos, Inc. with supervision by Digizyme, Inc. This image was created for Akouos as part of a series for use on their website and in slide presentations to educate patients, healthcare providers, and investors about their gene therapy technologies. This image highlights major structures of the inner ear and the cochlear duct—structures most commonly affected in hearing disorders and therapeutic targets for Akouos gene therapy.