2019 AMI Online Salon

Project Details

  • Entrant Name: Cynthia Turner
  • Membership Type: Professional Submission    
  • Address: Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Client: Alexander & Turner Inc. Medical Illustration Studio
  • Medium/software used: Cinema4D R20, Photoshop CS6
  • Final presentation format: Print and Digital
  • Primary Audience: Art Buyers, Creative Directors, Art Directors of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Project Description

One of a series of images distributed via a self-promotional marketing program to prospective clients to promote the artist’s creativity, artistry and storytelling. The illustration is a fantasy dramatization of the flowering of gastrointestinal microbiota fertilized by the seething gastric environment. The flowering is depicted by petals of Bacteroidetes, Bifidobacteriam, and Enterococcus faecalis, pistils of Lactobacillus and stamens of Enterococcus faecalis perched on stalks of Escherichia coli. The flower itself emerges on stalks of Clostridium difficile. Free-chaining Streptococcus mutans  floats by under the flower.  Bacillus cereus, long rod-shaped bacteria in their arthomitus stage attach by fibers to the intestinal epithelium, grow filamentously, and sporulate from their distal ends.