2019 AMI Online Salon

Flight as a Mechanism of Defense in Exocoetidae

Project Details

  • Entrant Name: Rachel Poli

  • Membership Type: Student Submission

  • Other Contributors:

  • Address: Chicago,IL

  • Client:

  • Medium/software used: 3DS Max 2019, Mudbox 2019, Photoshop 2018, Procreate 2018

  • Final presentation format: 20” x 24” printed poster

  • Primary Audience: General public


Project Description

When contemplating the adaptation of flight it is easy to think about avian flight. However there are a variety of animals that have evolved to make use of the skies. One such animal is the flying fish — a diverse group of species of the family Exocoetidae. The poster highlights the unique form of flying fish and how this form aids in the mechanism of flight. This process of flight is broken down into four steps which can be seen within the drawn and modeled fish. By highlighting this family of fish the poster aims to break the notion within the general public that only birds can fly, and increase general interest in aquatic ecosystems and their diversity.

In the creation of this poster, techniques from a semester of classes such as box modeling, UV mapping, transferring from 3DS Max into Mudbox, and compositing were utilized.