2019 AMI Online Salon

Battle in Inner Space, a War Wages!

Project Details

  • Company/Institution: Cognition Studio Inc
  • Entrant Name: David Ehlert
  • Membership Type: Company/Corporation Submission
  • Other Contributors: Jared Travnicek, Inessa Stanishevskaya, Regina Milner, Amanda Grage, Kristine Johnson             
  • Address: Seattle, WA
  • Client: Cognition Studio, Inc
  • Medium/software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, C4D
  • Final presentation format: Print
  • Primary Audience: Biotech/Pharma clientele

Project Description

Science storytelling with a twist! Crafting an engaging sourcebook spread and campaign visualizing the tumor microenvironment as told through the lens of a mid-century movie poster with a biotech spin.