2019 AMI Online Salon

APC Dendritic Cell Initiates T Cell Activation for Tumor Cell Attack

Project Details

  • Entrant Name: Edmond Alexander
  • Membership Type: Professional Submission   
  • Address: Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Client: Oncology Publication
  • Medium/software used: Cinema4D R20, Photoshop CS6
  • Final presentation format: Print
  • Primary Audience: Oncology Researchers

Project Description

For article to oncology researchers to highlight the critical role APC Dendritic Cells play to initiate tumor destruction by activating T Cells. Tumor cells produce antigens that are captured by antigen presenting cells (APCs).  The APCs that activate T-Cells are usually dendritic cells because T Cells cannot recognize or respond to free or soluble antigens but they can recognize and respond to antigens that have been processed and presented by APC dendritic cells. Once T cells undergo activation they then proliferate and migrate to the tumor cells to release apoptosis-inducing proteins.