2019 AMI Online Salon

ABX Lab Card Game

Project Detail

  • Company/Institution: NLM

  • Entrant Name: Jeff Day

  • Membership Type: Professional Submission

  • Other Contributors: Priscilla Seah                       

  • Address: Bethesda,MD

  • Client: National Library of Medicine

  • Medium/software used: Cards, 3D prints/Illustrator, Solidworks

  • Final presentation format: Cards, 3D prints

  • Primary Audience: Students, middle school and up

Project Description

Abx Lab is a 2-4 player card game about antimicrobial resistance for middle schoolers and up. To maximize accessibility, the card game can be printed at home or school and a 3D printable version is available for low-sighted users. In the game, players collect bacteria samples from card hands and grow bacteria in card petri dishes. Game mechanisms illustrate biological concepts, e.g. a DNA change card deck illustrates the randomness of mutations, and that mutations can be helpful, neutral, or detrimental to organisms. Antibiotic cards can kill bacteria, but sometimes multiple rounds are needed. Additionally, if a bacteria in the game is not cleared, it may eventually develop antibiotic resistance. The 3D print version has the same functionality. This game was created as a prototype to suggest how NIH could expand its reach and is also an exploration of accessible design. A card game was chosen to encourage interactive learning, as well as for its accessibility possibilities.