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Russell McLaughlin // Debbie Irwin // James Archer 

How do you deliver a well-designed experience for your viewers? It’s not enough to simply pull visuals, voice and music from extraneous sources. Instead, each element that goes into the animation must be handcrafted specifically to complement every other element. For that reason, voice, music, and visuals must be considered mutually inclusive components throughout the design process. 

While the tools employed for animation, voiceover and musical scoring are different, the animators, narrators and composers all have the same task: to build a bridge of understanding to make science stories more impactful. 

Have you ever offered voiceover or sound design to your clients? Do they know you have the resources to make these things happen? Strategic partnerships can expand the range of services you offer, from soup to nuts, so you can be the trusted advisor for your client’s projects.  

This presentation is designed to illustrate with visuals, music and narration the various options and effects of working with these elements. We will present animations in a variety of ways: strictly visual, with music, with music and sound effects, with voiceover, and finally, with music, sound effects and voiceover.

We’ll share traditional and non-traditional processes and procedures for creating multi-media animations, giving you the opportunity to experience the impact various creative elements have so you can expand your own palette of what is possible in your business.

[Keywords for this workshop: strategic collaboration] 

Russell McLaughlin

Russell McLaughlin

Canary Red founder, Russell McLaughlin, is a composer/songwriter, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Atlanta, GA. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Russell is a full-blown devotee to the world of music; specializing in performance – both live, and in-studio – and composing original scores and sound design for radio & visual media. In addition to career-long artistic pursuits as a bandleader and solo artist, he has also dabbled in numerous other mixed-media creative endeavors – specifically in the field of Medical Illustration & Animation – which led to the founding of Canary Red. Friend, music student, colleague, and mentor – James Archer, of AnatomyBlue – was instrumental in Russell’s foray into medical visualization, after the two collaborated on several projects together.

Debbie Irwin

Debbie Irwin

Debbie Irwin is an NYC-based award-winning voiceover talent who has been the voice of The Statue of Liberty on the landmark’s audio tour, major international museum audio tours, the voice of Big Pharma, documentaries, commercials, corporate narrations and the Voice of God for live awards shows. Her expertise is medical narration. Her global client list includes: Astra Zeneca, Barclays, Baxter, The NY Botanical Garden, eBay, CarFax, Einstein Healthcare Network, Jennifer Furniture (formerly Jennifer Convertibles), GE, HSBC, Humana, International Fragrance Awards Show at Alice Tully Hall, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum, Northwell Health, Novartis, Oracle, Pandora, PBS Treasures of NY documentaries, Sephora, ShopRIte, The Smithsonian, SPDR Financial, Revlon, UConn Health Center, The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, and more. Debbie is known for being fun to work with, supremely professional and uber easy to direct. Focusing on her clients’ needs she has expanded her services to include audio production, casting other talent and hiring composers to create original scores for their projects. With 15 years in the business, and having lived in Italy as a child, Mexico for many summers, having had a long career as a stage actress, working in PR at The Guggenheim, then many years as a stockbroker on Wall Street, and raising 3 kids in Manhattan, Debbie brings a multi-cultural and multi-discipline background to her work. She’s found the realization of her dreams in her successful career as a voice-over actor.

James Archer

ANATOMYBLUE founder, James Archer, is a Medical Illustrator and Animator based in Alpharetta, GA.