Sarah Chen 

The visuals created by medical illustrators play a crucial role in medical and surgical education. This is especially true when describing complex anatomical structures, such as the heart. With advances in imaging technology and segmentation tools, cardiac models are increasingly created based on real anatomy. These high-fidelity models provide a close look at precise—and often nuanced—relationships between structural components, and understanding these subtleties is imperative for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in training. This talk will cover examples of how these models can augment the teaching of cardiovascular interventions and procedures, and therefore improve clinical outcomes.


[Keywords for this session: cardiac anatomy, medical education, segmentation] 

Speaker Bio

Sarah took a hiatus from her studies at UC Davis School of Medicine to pursue an MA in medical illustration at Johns Hopkins. After finishing her master’s degree, she completed her MD in 2019. She is currently a cardiothoracic surgery resident at UC Davis, and is intent on strengthening the collaboration between medical illustration and medical/surgical education.