Carrie Shaw 

If healthcare providers in training could step into the perspectives of the patient and other members of the care team, would this make them more effective providers?

In this talk, we will explore how virtual reality (VR) storytelling uniquely addresses healthcare training and education for professional and family care partners in an industry that is shifting more and more towards patient-centered care. My personal experience caring for my mother with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease lead to the founding of my company, Embodied Labs, which uses VR and medical visualization to put the patient perspective at the forefront of a training and wellness platform. Using case studies, we will examine how immersive experiences transcend from storytelling to storyliving to help provide insight to care partners that improve the way people view and communicate with older adults and lead to better outcomes in care partner training, workforce retention, and family engagement. Attendees will walk away with new insight on how embodied experiences can drive a positive shift in cultural and behavioral changes, and encouraged to continue pushing the boundaries of medical visualization with the storytelling medium of VR.


[Keywords for this session: VR, Care Partners, Simulation, Training, Medical Visualization, Alzheimer’s, Aging, Dementia] 

Speaker Bio

Carrie Shaw is the CEO and founder of Embodied Labs, an award-winning, immersive education and wellness platform that is dedicated to revolutionizing the way health care providers, care partners, and patients learn about human health through virtual reality storytelling. With a background in medical illustration and public health education, Carrie has a particular interest in conveying the first-person perspective of vulnerable patient populations. Carrie frequently speaks at conferences in the aging and VR space, and has been invited to accompany renowned experts on countless panels as a thought leader in harnessing today’s technologies for tomorrow’s elders. Recently, Embodied Labs was named the Grand Prize winner of the AARP’s National Caregiving Innovation Challenge and took First Place in The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global XR in Education Prize Challenge.