Dave Mazierski 

J.C.B. Grant and Eduard Pernkopf revolutionized the format of the anatomical atlas with the publication of their respective regional, topographic atlases in the mid 20th century. While it is likely that they came up with their key innovation independently, research has revealed the career of a Canadian anatomist who worked with Grant, but also was a member of a German anatomical association in the 1930s and gave a talk at a conference in Milan where Pernkopf was also a presenter. Evidence is presented that an intermediary could have connected the genesis of these two books.


[Keywords for this session: Anatomical atlases, Grant, Pernkopf] 

Speaker Bio

Dave Mazierski obtained a BSc in Art as Applied to Medicine in 1982, and an MSc in vertebrate paleontology in 2008. His first professional assignment was to illustrate the world’s first, last, and only atlas of camel anatomy, and he has contributed to many other anatomical, medical and scientific publications, including Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. He currently teaches foundation courses in digital media production and illustration in the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto, as well as undergraduate courses in scientific visualization. His research interests include the evolution of early terrestrial vertebrates and the history of scientific and medical illustration. Dave is also a Departmental Associate in Paleobiology at the Royal Ontario Museum.