CEU’s: 0.1 Business 


Justin Klein 

Expanding a self-employed illustration studio into a bona fide creative agency takes courage, skill, a little talent, and luck. This presentation will describe the efforts it takes to establish a creative agency. I’ll be drawing from my own experience of the past year showing what to do to overcome the challenges of lining up big jobs, growing a talent pool, and dealing with old and new clients throughout the transition.


[Keywords for this session: Start-up, expanding your studio, studio owner, Mito Pop] 

Speaker Bio

Justin A. Klein, CMI, has a persistent drive to make every visual creation standout as much as his devotion to helping clients achieve their objectives and solve visual communication challenges. He brings myriad ideas to life in meaningful, human, and valuable visual experiences. With more than 20 years as a creative professional, Justin has successfully engaged with clients from Amgen to Boston Scientific to Kaiser Permanente. Working on clinical trial video animation work, to illustrating medical device prototypes, and interactive kiosks. He’s illustrated thousands of art figures for clinical books, journals, grant proposals, investor and research presentations. Justin is the founder of Mito Pop, a specialized visual communications studio. And the biggest fulfillment he enjoys is mentoring talent.